Digital fashion radically expands the possibilities of fashion. Natural processes and physical garments can be enhanced and elevated in the digital space and digital processes can liberate the stifling systems of the physical fashion world. The existence of artisanal clothing makes digital-only fashion even more exciting and vice versa. Digital fashion is not here to supplant physical fashion but to exist alongside it, to challenge it and to elevate it.

The collection is comprised of two print stories, one representing physical fashion and the other representing digital. Each garment exists in both stories representing the harmony that comes from combining these two different worlds. The physical world is represented by hand painted florals and woodlands. The digital world is represented by geometric, glitchy prints and stark black and white. Yet each world incorporates the other, with hand painting and embroidery edited, scaled and digitised to create a collection that celebrates the possibilities of a digital/physical unity.

The Techno-Craft collection is available exclusively at DressX.

Embroidered Sweater Vest and Network Belted Robe

Network Panelled Vest and Network Draped Trousers

Tile Capelet Shirt and Tri-Strap Overalls

Tile Handkerchief Pinafore

Floral Capelet Shirt and Woodland Tri-Strap Overalls

Woodland Handkerchief Pinafore

Pheasant Panelled Vest and Woodland Draped Trousers

Floral Sweater Vest and Woodland Belted Robe